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SOUL-KOZAK was founded in 2003 by Mariusz Kozak. Then a cross and downhill competitor, Mr Kozak decided to design and manufacture his own brand of high-class bike components. The first part SOUL-KOZAK has ever made was a support which had been patented in 1999. In 2000, a front MTB fork air-air suspension was designed and patented. It took part in Young Masters of Engineering competition and came a very close second. The next addition to the company’s offer was the world’s lightest (only 59 g) front hub. The breakthrough came in 2005 when the company purchased CNC Haas – TL-1 Toolroom Lathe and TM-1 Toolroom Mill.

TL-1 TM-1

Thanks to this investment, new products could be introduced to the company’s offer, including front and rear hubs, clamps, top caps, a-head spacers, seat clamps, handlebars and bar plugs. Most of SOUL-KOZAK components are aimed mainly at professional racers and bike lovers who look for very light and durable equipment. In 2007, SOUL-KOZAK manufacturing plant acquired a laser engraving machine. This allowed the company to became virtually self-sufficient in terms of the manufacturing process. Outsourcing to other companies, which had not always paid due attention to the precision and quality our components required, was no longer necessary. The engraving machine also made it possible to customize each part in accordance with customer’s requirements - engrave names, nicknames, etc. on any part we product. Such final touches really make our customers’ day. Also, SOUL-KOZAK is building an anodizing plant. Once completed, the plant will allow the company to introduce its products in a wider selection of colours. Each year we introduce a new product or, after considering the comments and suggestions we get from our customers, we make some improvements in the components already in our offer. So, in 2008 we offered a new model of our rear hub with an innovative clutch hub mechanism. We released a new stem. At the end of 2010 we invested in a DMG’s CTX310v3 machining centre. At the moment we are increasing our production area by moving the manufacturing plant to a new building.


In 2011, SOUL-KOZAK released new professional wheel sets and created its own Factory Racing Team with, among others, Maker Konwa (silver medallist of the MTB World Championship) and professional racing team JBG-2. In 2012, the Factory Racing Team were joined by different Polish Racing Group .

Our company also provide services in designing and machining www.soul-kozak.pl.


Our mission is to create the best-quality products. This is why we constantly improve our bike parts, all of which are patent protected designs.

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