1. What is the maximum weight of the cyclist your hubs will bear?
There are no limitations as to the weight of the cyclist. However, in case of those people who practice bicycle touring, if the combined weights of the cyclist and the carried load exceed 200 kg, our customer service should be contacted in order to discuss the conditions in which SOUL-KOZAK hubs can be used safely under such a load.
2. What about the warranty on the hubs?
SOUL-KOZAK issues a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase for the purchased goods to the original owner. SOUL-KOZAK assures high quality and proper operation of its products, provided that the goods are used in accordance with their intended application and that the instructions provided in the manual are followed. Should the buyer complain about faulty product(s), provided that the fault is covered by the warranty, SOUL-KOZAK shall repair the fault free of charge or replace the faulty product(s) if the fault cannot be repaired.
The warranty is void:
  • when the warranty period expires,
  • if the products are damaged during transport,
  • if the buyer himself tries to fix or service the product(s),
  • if the products are not used in accordance with their intended purpose or misused in any other way,
  • if the products are in any way modified,
  • if the products are serviced in an unauthorized bike shop.
The warranty does not cover parts (bearings, seals, etc.) which undergo normal wear and tear.
SOUL-KOZAK does not guarantee homogeneity of colour. The anodized surface of components may fade under the influence of sunlight. It is a natural characteristic of anodized surfaces.
3. Is it possible to adapt the front hub to accept the 9-mm stiff axle ?
Yes. We introduced this option to our offer in February 3012. We will also introduce clamps for the 9-mm stiff axle.
4. Do you offer an MTB M-Netic rear hub with the 12-mm stiff axle?
Yes, we do. The code of the hub is 919-00.
5. Does servicing of SOUL-KOZAK hubs require any special tools?
Yes. A special key for hubs (code 00.815.04.1.01) is needed in order to properly replace bearings in hubs from the series: 815-00, 819-00, 915-00, 919-00, 918-00, 921-00, 922-00, 923-00, 924-00, 925-00.
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